How it Started

Amidst the narrow streets of Essaouira, behind a small bluish wooden door, stood a man named Rachid.

In his dust-filled store, a collection of wooden crafts was displayed, each piece showcasing admirable precision and aesthetic beauty.

Drawn by the meticulous craftsmanship, we approached Rachid and inquired about his story. We discovered that behind these little marvels lay four decades of passion and experience, all within a 32-square-foot workspace, and that each piece required ten hours of carving, only to be sold for $15.

Inspired by Artisans

The story of this man mirrors that of many Moroccan artisans. These men and women are brimming with talent and passion, yet remain
largely unknown to the outside world.

We decided to embark on a journey of collaboration with various artisans and cooperatives, aiming to contribute to the development of the Moroccan crafts ecosystem.

We Value Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our practices and materials are eco-friendly, preserving the environment for future generations.

We Value Transperancy

We maintain transparency in all our operations, fostering trust and integrity.

We Value Fairness

Fairness and social justice guide our interactions with artisans, ensuring equitable treatment and opportunities.

Notes about our Business Model & Handicraft Industry

Our Top 3 Observations on the Handicraft Industry in Morocco

1. Handmade crafts take at least four times longer than industrial production (e.g., bedspreads: 15 hours vs. 4 hours), making scaling difficult. Fair payment is crucial for the time and effort artisans invest.

2. Artisans often experience delayed payments, which affect their cash flow and hinder their ability to produce more before receiving checks.

3. Customers pay extra due to multiple middlemen in the production cycle.